About me

I am excited by witnessing people discover, rediscover and grow the resources they have within themselves. Sometimes we may need a little extra help with this. Having the time and space to explore, think, feel, reflect freely, with a non-judgmental listener, can make a great difference.

A greater range of voices needs to be heard in the world. I strive to support that in my work, assisting people to find their voice and speak out for change. I am particularly interested in diversity and inclusion in arts and culture, and supporting young professionals.

Cultural background

I grew up in Vienna, Austria, and I live in London, Britain. I work in English and German, and also speak French and Italian. I have worked with clients based in Britain, Austria, Germany, South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Navigating different cultures and languages is a daily experience for me, which informs my professional approach. I work with people across a range of ages, social backgrounds, ethnicities and cultures, and I seek out to work with difference and the energy this brings.

I am also involved in the Pan-African Creative Exchange, a showcase platform for the interdisciplinary arts in Africa that develops African creatives, so more of their work can be heard and seen across the world.

Coaching and Counselling

I trained as a coach after having coaching sessions myself. Experiencing the empowering feeling of finding my own answers and reaching my own decisions prompted me to want to offer such an open and non-judgmental space to others. A few years later I decided to train as a counsellor, as I wanted to extend the range of ways in which I could assist my clients. I now work as a coach, as a counsellor, and with an integrative approach: I combine the more forward-looking, solution-focused coaching stance with the in-depth support and potential for resolving long-standing issues that counselling can offer.

As a coach and as a counsellor, I am rooted in humanistic person-centred approaches. I trained as an integrative counsellor and have a preference for existential approaches, relational psychodynamic work, working with the body and the felt sense, and compassion-focused therapy.

I have experience with clients exploring identity, self esteem, trauma, romantic and family relationships, loss, depression, anxiety and self care. I work with people of all ages, with a special interest in 18-30 year olds. I volunteer as a counsellor for unpaid carers with London charity City and Hackney Carers Centre, and offer counselling for apostates through the low-cost service of Cherry Tree Therapy Centre in Buckhurst Hill, London.

Nature-based therapy

Increasingly aware of the beneficial effect of being in nature on myself, I became professionally interested in nature-based therapy and incorporating the natural environment into the therapeutic process. I volunteer with the ecotherapy project Forest Farm Peace Garden in East London.

My personal loves

I love gardening, walking out in nature, music, especially contemporary classical and early music, photography, and drawing. I’m interested in language, metaphor, and the politics of language. I like reading early twentieth-century European literature and sci-fi -- anything involving time travel, alternative universes and utopian societies.

Other professional background

I studied music at university and completed a PhD on the rediscovery of medieval music in the early twentieth century, at King’s College London. I then worked as a fundraiser in the arts. I held Development Director roles at contemporary classical record label NMC Recordings, creative writing charity Arvon, and Birmingham Contemporary Music Group. I worked on fundraising strategy and on getting individuals involved in supporting new work by living artists, as well was fundraising for learning projects for young people.

I was Lecturer in Artist Development at the Royal Academy of Music, running seminars on coaching and communication skills, and individual coaching sessions for young musicians forging their professional identities. I continue to run professional development workshops for young artists.